ROMI GL Series Turning Centers

  • ROMI GL Series Turning Centers

Excellent levels of power and speed with high precision for machining

Romi GL Series Turning Centers were designed to operate in mid and high production volumes with significant increase of productivity and profitability.

They offer high torque, high dimentional precision and great efficiency with less machining down time.

Main Technical Features
Cartridge type headstock , with ultraprecision ballscrew supported by bearings with permanent lubrication and designed structure to reduce the thermal influence;

Longitudinal and cross carriages, leaning on ultraprecision linear guides, and excellent positioning precision and repeatability;

12-station programmable turret with Romi type tool disk and tool holders for fixed tools (Romi GL 240, GL 280, ROMI GL 350 and ROMI GL 400);

12-station programmable turret with VDI type tool disk, for fixed and driven tools, offering flexibility for drilling, milling and tapping operation (ROMI GL 240M, GL 280M, GL 350M and GL 400M);

CNC GE Fanuc 0i – TD, with LCD 10.4″ color monitor.

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