OPTIdrillB 16HV / B 24HV / B 28HV / B 34HV

  • OPTIdrillB 16HV / B 24HV / B 28HV / B 34HV

Bench drills and upright drilling machines with powerful OPTIMUM Brushless drive,
electronically adjustable speed

Convincing arguments: quality, efficiency and price

· Smooth running and powerful Brushless-drive
· Easy-to-operate safety switch according to IP 54 with separate emergency
stop push button
· Largely dimensioned, height-adjustable screening grid with safety switch
for best possible protection of the user
· Long, ergonomic aluminium die-cast spindle sleeve lever made of one
piece with Softgrip handles (OPTIdrill B 16HV / B 24HV)
· Spindle sleeve lever made of steel (OPTIdrill B 28HV/ B 34HV)
· Drill depth stop
· V -belt cover with safety switch
from OPTIdrill B 24HV
· Right-hand/left-hand rotation
· Machine luminaire
from OPTIdrill B 28HV
· Coolant equipment
· New chips filter according to machinery directive
· Easy tool change due to integrated drill drift
OPTIdrill B 34HV
· Spindle stroke 160 mm
· Threading function

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