JMT PS Plasma Series

  • JMT PS Plasma Series

– Welded Steel Construction
– X,Y axis travel on precision linear rail guides
– Axis speed 30m/min with AC Servo motors
– High accuracy 0,01mm
– High precision plasma cutting technology
– Cutting plate Alignment by laser
– Tecnos PC12 Control Unit
– Lantek Expert Cut II Software
– Plasma Torch
– Ignition Console
– Torch Height with ball screws on linear guides
– Torch Breakaway System
– Hyperterm XD Plasma Models (from 130amp to 800amp)
– Ce Norm
– Automatic Gas Console
– Manual Gas Console
– Oxy Torch
– Filter Systems
– True Hole Technology
– CNC Bevelling
– Manual Beveling
– Drilling Head(Single or Multi)
– Tube Cutting
– Sectional Cutting Table with fume extraction system
– Water table
– Remote Control on large tables
– MICRO EDGE Pro Control Unit (When true hole choosen with drilling, bevel head, tube cutting)













PS Series Plasma Machines are designed with fast and accurate positioning, with AC Brushless servo motors, to reach 30m/min axis positioning speeds, which is combined with hyperterm high definition plasma sources, to get high cut quality, excellent cutting speed, perfect surfaces for welding, medium heat input and low harding on cutting surface. PS Series Plasma Machines are designed for most medium fabrication shops and small service centres to large production plants. PS Series capabilities are availability of multi torch applications which are up to 4 pieces x plasma cutting heads.up to 8 pieces x oxy cutting heads. PS Series Plasmas are also able for specific optional equipments.

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