NTS 200 / NTS 255

  • NTS 200 / NTS 255

HOLZKRAFT NTS 200 / NTS 255 – Wet-grinding systems
for sharpening metals, blades and many tools

  • A comprehensive range of accessories makes it easier to apply the right grinding technology - also for newcomers
  • Low speed and cooling water bath supports continuous grinding without compromising the tool hardness due to heat build-up during grinding
  • Many holding devices for various tools available
  • Powerful induction motor for smooth, lowvibration work
  • Special white corundum grinding stone with aluminium oxide for perfect grinding results even with hard steel of more than 60 HRC (tool steel)
  • Removable leather honing wheel for removing grinding burrs after sharpening
  • Honing paste for polishing the workpiece after grinding
  • Angle gauge for adjusting the correct grinding angle
  • Splash water protected motor and switch
  • Fracture-proof water tank NTS 200
  • Rugged plastic housing NTS 255
  • Powder-coated steel housing

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