OPTIturn TU 2304 / TU 2304V

  • OPTIturn TU 2304 / TU 2304V

    Facts that impress in terms of quality, performance and price 

    • Precision workmanship 
    • Hardened and grinded z-axis guideway 
    • Guaranteed concentricity of spindle nose better than 0.009 mm 
    • Chuck concentricity better than 0.05 mm 
    • Leading spindle for thread tapping or automatic longitudinal turning 
    • Right-handed/left-handed rotation switchable via control panel 
    • Roll-milled trapezoidal spindles 
    • Emergency stop button 
    • Comprehensive range of accessories 
    • Three-jaw lathe chuck included in standard scope of delivery 
    • Lasting value
    • High-torque motor with constant torque curve to a great extent 
    • Speed change easily adjustable via potentiometer 
    • Digital speed display 
    • EMC filter class B (use in private households)

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