OPTIturn TM 4010 / TM 4010D

  • OPTIturn TM 4010 / TM 4010D

Leading and feed spindle lathes impressive by stable design and easy handling. 
TM 4010D with digital position display DPA 21

  • Hardened and grinded z-axis guideway 
  • Spindle collet Camlock DIN ISO 702-2 no. 5 
  • Guaranteed concentricity of spindle nose better than 0.015 mm 
  • Gears and shafts tempered and ground, running in oil bath on 
  • precision bearings 
  • Tailstock with hardened and polished quill 
  • DC 24 Volt electrical system 
  • All gears of the feed gear of steel, hardened and ground, shafts on needle bearings all components are lubricated in an oil bath 
  • Right-handed/left-handed rotation switchable on bed slide 
  • Safety hand wheels with release function in the X and Z axis 
  • Emergency stop push button
  • Perfectly rounding Main spindle ensures high load bearing capacity thanks to mounted precision tapered roller bearings 
  • LED machine lamp in chip guard 
  • Brakemotor XThree-jaw lathe chuck Ø 200 mm, no. 5 standard scope of delivery 
  • User-friendly membrane keyboard 
  • Dual-channel right-left switch, tested according to EN 23125

TM 4010D  
additionally with digital position display DPA21

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