OPTImill MB 4P / MB 4PV

  • OPTImill MB 4P / MB 4PV

Universal drilling/milling machine with digital position display DRO 5 and cast machine 
substructure. MB 4PV with continuously variable electronically controlled drive

Facts that impress in terms of quality, performance and price 

Heavy, solid cast design 
Smooth action due to polished gearwheels running in an oil sump 
Right-handed/left-handed rotation 
Automatic spindle sleeve feed with manual fine feed 
Motorised positioning of the Z axis 
Gear head inclined through ± 60° 
Adjustable V-ledges XDrilling depth stop 
Drilling/Thread tapping function

MB 4P: 
Two-stage industrial quality electric motor 
Large speed range from 95 - 3,200 rpm thanks to 12 switchable speeds XDRO 5
MB 4PV: 
Large speed range from 60 - 2,760 rpm thanks to 2 continuously variable speeds 
Single-speed, premium, industrial electric motor 
DRO 5 with speed display

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