TIG 200 DC

  • TIG 200 DC

TIG 200 DC - portable TIG DC inverter for workshops and mobile use

  • Featuring 200 A from 230 V mains
  • The ideal device for all materials except aluminium
  • Perfect for TIG and electrode welding in the workshop and on the road
  • No problem with fuses or extension cables thanks to PFC
  • Totally clear-cut and easy to use
  • Direct and immediate access to all parameters
  • With branch current function
  • With 9 storage slots
  • HF can be enabled/disabled
  • Remotely controllable via option accessories (remote control foot pedal, or torch with potentiometer)
  • Direct selection via control panel

High frequency ignition: On or off

  • Welding mode: 2-cycle or 4-cycle, or 4-cycle with branch current
  • Method selection: TIG or electrode
  • Gas test: On or off
  • Programs: Save or access
  • Pulse function: On or off

Parameters directly configurable via control panel:

  • Forwards and backwards via setting button For electrode welding:
  • Hot start time (for reliable ignition)
  • Arc force control (for a stable arc) For TIG welding:
  • Gas pre-flow time
  • Start-up current
  • Current ramp time
  • Welding current l1
  • Welding current I2 (branch current)
  • DC pulse frequency
  • Ratio high to low current
  • Current reduction time
  • Final current
  • Gas post-flow time

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