ROMI C Series Heavy Duty CNC Lathes

  • ROMI C Series Heavy Duty CNC Lathes

    Technology, reliability and productivity for manufacturing and repairs of heavy duty parts

    The ROMI C Series Heavy Duty CNC Lathes are versatil for machining several kinds of parts, with excellent power, torque, displacement speed and accuracy. Suitable for machining large parts in the industries of steel & sugar mills, energy, oil & gas and others.

    Other Features

    • Robust structure made of gray cast iron, internally ribbed to absorb the high efforts under the most severe cutting conditions.
    • Geared headstock, with two speed ranges, offering high torque and continuously variable speeds.
    • Cross slide displacement made by AC servomotor and high precision ballscrew.

    Longitudinal saddle:

    • Driven by servo motor through precision recirculating ball screw (for machines up to 5m between centers).
    • Driven by servo motor through a pre-loaded double pinion system (Redex) that operates on the bed precision racks (Güdel), (for machines from 6.5 to 12 m between centers).


    It has guideways with low friction coefficient material that offers high sliding performance (ROMI C 1100H / ROMI 1290H / ROMI C 1300H / ROMI C 1600H with low coefficient of friction material coating and ROMI C 1800H / ROMI C 2100H / ROMI C 2200H / ROMI C 2600H with bronze coating).

    • High load capacity tailstock, with built-in live center, and monitoring system by load sensors of the thrust force.
    • Siemens Sinumerik 840D sl CNC presents high-technology hardware and software. Provided with 10.4‘‘ LCD color monitor with 16 softkeys for selecting and enabling functions and fields
      on operation screen.

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