ROMI D Series Vertical Machining Centers

  • ROMI D Series Vertical Machining Centers

    Flexibility for multiple applications with a significant increase of the productivity and profitability

    Romi offers the market a wide range of Vertical Machining Centers, extremely versatile machine, designed to several machining applications, from tool rooms to production environments. Have robust mechanical structure, offering high rigidity even in severe machining operations, as well as geometrical and thermal stability, ensuring accuracy, high performance and productivity.

    Are fitted with automatic tool changer, with up to 30 hp main motor and 15,000 rpm headstock (ROMI 1000AP Direct Drive).

    High technology CNC, with excellent performance and reliability

    The Machines are equipped with CNC Fanuc 0i-MD (ROMI 600, D 800, D 1000, and D 1250,) or CNC Siemens Sinumerik 828D (ROMI D 600, D 800, D 1000, 1000AP DD, D 1250, and D 1500), offering to the users great flexibility for programs and parameters loading.

    ROMI 1000AP D Direct Drive

    High performance machine, which allows machining operations for roughing and finishing at high rates of speed (rotation and feeds) in parts of hardened steels, cast iron, aluminum alloys and other materials. Enables high chip removal rates within the concepts of HSC machining (High Speed Cutting) with high quality surface finish. Has hardware configuration and software suitable for excellent performance in complex profiles machining, with high rates of acceleration, smooth axes movements and fast block processing programs.

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