OPTIdrill B 16H / B 24H / B 28H / B 34H

  • OPTIdrill B 16H / B 24H / B 28H / B 34H

    Robust bench drills and upright drilling machines with V-belt drive Belt drive
    · High running smoothness thanks to ground multitoothed follower
    · Best power transmission due to aluminium belt pulleys
    in connection with toothed GATES quality V-belt
    · Guaranteed true running accuracy of better than
    0.015 mm measured in the drilling spindle
    · Drilling spindle with precision ball bearings
    · High-quality OPTIMUM quick-action drill chuck
    · Largely dimensioned, height adjustable protective
    screen with safety switch
    Convincing arguments: quality, efficiency and price
    · Smooth running and powerful electrical motor
    · Separate EMERGENCY-STOP push button
    · 400 volt types with right-handed/left-handed rotation (except B 16H)
    · Drilling depth stop
    · Precisely machined drilling table with diagonally running T-slots
    · 360 ° rotatable drilling table
    · V-belt cover with safety switch
    · V-belt tensioning device
    · Long, ergonomic aluminium die-cast spindle sleeve lever made of one
    piece with Softgrip handles (OPTIdrill B 16H / B 24H)
    · Spindle sleeve lever made of steel (OPTIdrill B 28H / B 34H )
    · Solid, largely dimensioned base plate with slots, heavily ribbed at the rear side
    · Base plate usable as a working surface for extra high workpieces due
    to the rotatable drilling table
    from OPTIdrill B 24H on:
    · Machine luminaire
    fromOPTIdrill B 28H on:
    · Easy tool change due to integrated drill drift
    OPTIdrill B 34H
    · Digital depth gauge
    · Digital speed display

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