OPTIturn TH 6620D / TH 6630D

  • OPTIturn TH 6620D / TH 6630D

    Leading and feed spindle lathes, characterised by excellent flexibility, 
    and economy. With DPA 21 digital position display and quick change tool holder.

    • Hardened and grinded z-axis guideway 
    • Spindle collet Camlock DIN ISO 702-2 no. 8 
    • Closed quick shift feed gear 
    • Gears and shafts tempered and ground, running on precision bearings 
    • Clear-cut selector lever for switching the feed speeds 
    • Emergency stop push button, motor circuit breaker, lockable main switch 
    • Right-handed/left-handed rotation switchable on bed slide, switchable via switching spindle 
    • Safety limit switch with positively opening contacts 
    • Central lubrication in bed slide 
    • Leading spindle cover 
    • LED machine lamp 
    • Emergency stop device with foot pedal 
    • With Siemens electrical system 
    • Quick change tool holder SWH 9-D 
    • 1 tool holder 41 x 180 type D for square chisels

    Digital position display DPA 21 
    > Clear reduction of manufacturing times 
    > Greater operation accuracy 
    > Reduction of error quota 
    > Clear-cut keyboard layout 
    > Glass scales


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