OPTImill BF 20Vario / BF 20LVario / BF 20 LD

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  • OPTImill BF 20Vario / BF 20LVario / BF 20 LD

    Stable drilling milling machines with powerful, electronically infinitely variable drive and digital speed
    display. OPTImill BF20L Vario with longer cross table. BF 20 LD with digital position display DRO

    Convincing arguments: quality, efficiency and price

    · Feed spindles can be adjusted without clearance due to adjustable spindle
    · Stable dovetail guiding precision ground and scraped with re -adjustable
    · EMV filter (to protect sensitive electronics for override mains-borne signals
    Class B)
    · All guideways are ground and sight scrapped (oil pockets for greasing)
    · Precisely manufactured
    · Two-row angular contact bearings in the axis, can be adjusted free of play
    · Safety electrical system of 24 volts type
    · Bellow as guide protection
    · Right-hand/left-hand rotation
    · Drilling milling head tiltable by ± 900for milling and drilling works at different
    · Height-adjustable protective screen with micro switch providing maximum
    protection of the user against chips and parts flying off at high speed

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