OPTImill MT 50E

  • OPTImill MT 50E

    Universal drilling/milling machine 
    with automatic table feed for X and Y axis

    Facts that impress in terms of quality, performance and price 

    • Vibration absorbing cast design 
    • Pivoting milling head with gearbox 
    • Gears in oil bath with polished, hardened gear wheel 
    • Right-handed/left-handed rotation 
    • Spindle sleeve feed with fine feed 
    • Coupling for switching from manual coarse feed to manual fine feed 
    • Precision Cross table, generously dimensioned with precision surface finish with adjustable V-ledges
    • Automatic feed of X and Y axis with speed adjustment 
    • Automatic and adjustable limit switch cut-off of the X axis 
    • Mechanical spindle sleeve feed for drilling via spindle sleeve lever 
    • Dovetail guides of the table, adjustable via V-ledges 
    • Coolant system XLED lamp

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