RSM 620

  • RSM 620

    RSM 620 – Pipe grinding machine with pivoting grinding arm Satin

    • With continuously variable setting of the belt speed for optimum adjustment for various applications
    • Pipe grinding machine with pivoting grinding arm for optimum adjustment to the required grinding position
    • The flexible sanding belt guide allows the sanding belt to adapt to the pipe diameter in hand.
    • Tire-free work thanks to ergonomic twohanded operation
    • Handle can be screwed in at various positions for optimised handling
    • Weld grinding on flat surfaces without tilting or ripple thanks to large contact roller
    • Ideal for grinding of stainless steel welds without blue discolouration due to heat dissipation via the sanding belt
    • Highly resilient motor with soft start and overload protection
    • With constant electronics for constant belt speed, even under load
    • Easy sanding belt replacement without tools
    • Speed can be set conveniently via thumbwheel on the handle

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