• HIGH-TIG AC/DC series

    HIGH-TIG AC/DC – next generation TIG welding system.
    350 Amperes at 100% duty cycle – liquid-cooling integrated.


    • HIGH-TIG AC / DC TIG welding machine of the next generation. 350 amps at 100% duty cycle - water cooling integrated.
    • The HIGH-TIG AC / DC unites the finest welding machine technology with maximum ease of use. The unique interaction of the dual power inverter with the precise, digital welding process control offers perfect welding properties. Standard with integrated burner water cooling.
    • 100% duty cycle on all devices

    Highest ease of use due to simple and safe handling

    • Clearly self-explanatory handling: The simple and fast operation of the HIGH-TIG is no problem with gloves!

    Perfect arc stability

    • Fast and precise welding process control: the arc is kept stable in every position. The innovative ignition management ensures safe ignition

    High-frequency pulses up to 3000 Hz

    • High-frequency pulses in the frequency range above 2000 Hz produce a precise, focused arc with a high power density. This ensures a safe, uniform penetration while reducing the heat affected zone. The higher arc pressure also allows higher welding speeds. The almost inevitable changes in the distance between the welding torch and the molten bath during manual welding thus have hardly any negative influence on the welding result.

    Intelligent ignition management

    • Thanks to the sophisticated processor control, the ignition energy is optimally adjusted both during HF and Lift-Arc ignition. This leads - regardless of the tungsten electrode used - quickly and easily to a stable arc and protects both workpiece and electrodes.

    TIG AC welding

    • The AC arc remains calm and stable even with critical or strongly oxidized material surfaces. The low and pleasant arc noise is well below the legal requirements.

    Dual Wave aluminum welding process

    • This special mode is a combination of AC and DC welding. During welding, the processor control automatically sets DC current alternately for 0.2 seconds and then for 0.3 seconds AC. The selected values for the welding current I1 or I2, the frequency and the balance are taken into account as in pure DC or AC welding. The dual-wave process allows a better controllability of the welding pool and is used, among other things, for difficult welding positions, for welding workpieces of different thicknesses and for processing thin sheets in aluminum and aluminum alloys.

    AC balance control

    • The AC balance control controls the heat in the tungsten electrode. The energy input allows the arc to be focused, for example, when welding thin sheets or for edge welding. By reducing the heat input, the electrode load is reduced.

    automatic frequency Control

    • The frequency is automatically adjusted to the current during AC welding. At low welding currents, the AC arc is focused. This results in a safer root detection - eg with thin sheets in fillet welds. At higher currents, the tungsten electrode load is reduced. A long service life and optimum cost-effectiveness are the result. The automatic frequency control offers invaluable advantages, especially when working with the foot-mounted remote control. The AC frequency can also be set manually in the range of 30 - 300 Hz.

    generator compatibility

    • More flexibility in mobile use

    ELSA.PRO system

    • The proven ELSA (Electronic Stabilized Arc) technology has been further developed for HIGH-TIG. The highly dynamic digital welding process control ensures outstanding welding properties with its unique precision and exact reproducibility, even with large-scale melting.

    welding electrodes

    • The HIGH-TIG is also a fully-fledged electrode welder. In addition to the welding current, Hot-Start and Arc-Force are freely adjustable. The polarity of the electrode can be selected on the device (no replacement of welding and workpiece lead required). Of course, the HIGH-TIG has the proven anti-stick function, which prevents sticking and burnout of the stick electrode.

    Optimum energy efficiency

    • The dual power inverter works uniquely effective. Through intelligent energy management in combination with the use of innovative components, almost all the power supplied is converted into the arc. With rising energy costs, HIGH-TIG also contributes significantly to your economic success in terms of energy consumption.

    Plug and play

    • HIGH-TIG works with intelligent CAN networked multiprocessor architecture. All components are automatically detected and configured by the HIGH-TIG. This means for the user: Plug & Play - just plug in and start!

    Integrated burner water cooling

    • The burner cooling with a cooling capacity of 1500 W is also activated by Plug & Play. The centrifugal pump is controlled as required (Auto / On / Off). As soon as the cooling of the burner is sufficient, the water cooling switches to stand-by (burner temperature monitoring). This reduces energy consumption and noise emission. A flow switch is also integrated.



    200 kHz dual power inverter up to 350 A at 100% duty cycle


    • TIG
    • welding electrodes
    • Remote Controllable / Programmable

    sheet thicknesses

    • from 0.3 mm

    Base metals

    • unalloyed, low-alloyed materials
    • high alloyed materials
    • Stainless steels
    • structural steels
    • CrNi steels ferritic / austenitic
    • Duplex steels
    • aluminum
    • Nickel-based materials
    • Magnesium materials
    • Copper materials
    • Special materials

    Typical applications

    • Plant, container, machine, steel construction
    • chemical plant
    • Automotive and supply industry
    • Industrial plant and pipeline construction
    • Construction site and installation

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