• TRI-MIG 240

    SCHWEIßKRAFT TRI-MIG 240 – the universal inert gas welding device
    with up to 3 available torches – ready for immediate use without retooling!

    • For welding work on steel, stainless steel and aluminium thin sheets
    • For processing MIG soldering wires such as copper silicon (CuSi) or copper aluminium (CuAl) used for processing of high strength and higher strength steels
    • Left side set up for CuSi3 0.8/1.0 mm by default; with precisely adjustable 4 roll wire feed; wire roll up to max. 300 mm and torch SMB 15/3 m
    • Right side set up for steel/stainless steel 0.8/1.0 mm by default; with powerful 4 roll wire feed; wire roll up to max. 300 mm and torch SMB 25/4 m

    Spool gun 200 option:

    • Spool gun with holder for small spool 100 mm

    - thus supporting extension to a third torch with a third wire type.
    The gas connection and solenoid valve required for this are included with the system as a factory standard.

    • Torch selection via pre-selection switch - only

    the selected torch is active and live

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