JMT JM-S Press Brake Series

  • JMT JM-S Press Brake Series

– ST44 Rigid Mono Block Steel Frame
– Synchronized Dual Cylinders
– Hoerbiger Hydraulic System
– Givi Misure Linear Measurement System
– Up and Down Moveable Control Unit Arm
– Delem 66T or Cybelec Modeva 15T
– Double Guided X, R Axis Servo Motorized Back Gauge
– CNC Motorized Crowning System
– JMT Top & Bottom Tool Clamps
– Sliding & Height Adjustable Front Arms

– European, American, Wila or Wilson Tools
– Laser Safety Device
– Special Strokes and Throat Depths
– Tandem Preparation
– Oil Cooling and Heating Systems
– Delem DA69T Control Unit
– (X,R,Z1-Z2), (X1-X2,R,Z1-Z2), (X1-X2,R1-R2,Z1-Z2)
– Special Finger Blocks
– Motorized Lubrication System
– Parking Area for support arms
– Pneumatic or Motorized Bottom Tool Positioning System
– Automatic Loading & Unloading
– Sheet Following Systems

JM-S & JM-R series press brake features a rigid mono-block frame for minimum deflection under the load. The frame steels are German origin,ultrasonic controlled & ST-44 material. Machine welding is made by welding aparatus & welding robots. After the welding,we make stress relief process by vibration system. After the stress relief process machine frame goes to CNC 5 axes machining centers for accuracy,. All referance surfaces and connection holes are machined. By all this processes machine frame sensivity is protected for a long life time.

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