TBV Series

  • TBV Series

    • The rigid machine structure is an optimized big span equilateral triangle design. 
    Provided with 8-16 adjustment leveling bolts (varied with models) for sufficient support
    points and ensuring machine stability for heavy loads. 
    • Axes travels are transmitted by high precision ball screws to achieve excellent dynamical performance.
    The Y-axis has 4 box ways as for better support. 
    • The rigid base with uniform load distribution and massive construction creates a stable heavy 
    duty support. 
    • Box ways on 3 axes are hardened and precision ground. 
    All sliding way surfaces are coated with TURCITE-B and precision hard scraped. 
    An automatic volume type lubrication system is applied to increase slide ways accuracy and longevity. 
    • Z-axis equipped with a counter weight balance, providing smooth motions for headstock rapid traverse
     and micro feed. • 3 axis ball screws are directly driven by servo motors. 
    • Fully Enclosed Guide Way well protected slide ways prevent coolant and chip chips from entering. 
    This feature provides safely guard for slide ways and extends the machine life. 
    • Uniform lubrication points on slide ways. The machine employs a volume type lubricator for consistent 
    oil flow to each point, assuring a uniform lubrication effect each slide lubrication point. 
    • Class C3 ball screws on 3 axes are pretension to eliminate backlash and thermal elongation that provides 
    outstanding positioning and repeatability accuracy. 

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