TIG 210 AC / DC

  • TIG 210 AC / DC

    TIG 210 AC/DC- portable TIG AC/DC inverter - also for aluminium


    • Portable TIG AC / DC inverter with 210 A from 230 V mains
    • Ideal device for all materials including aluminum and its alloys
    • Perfect for TIG and electrode welding in the workshop and on assembly
    • Through PFC no problems with fuse or with extension cords
    • Very clear and easy to use
    • All parameters immediately in direct access
    • With two - current function
    • With 9 memory slots
    • Can be switched on and off with HF
    • Remote controllable via optional accessories (foot remote control or potentiometer burner)

    Direct selection and selection via the control panel

    • High Frequency Ignition: On or Off
    • Welding mode: 2-stroke or 4-stroke or 4-stroke with second current
    • Selection procedure: TIG or electrode
    • Gastest: On or Off
    • Programs: Save or call
    • Pulse function: On or Off

    additionally only selectable for AC / DC systems:

    • Polarity change for electrode: AC or DC or DC +
    • AC waveform: Rectangle or sine or trapezoid or triangle

    Adjustable parameters directly from the control panel:

    • via adjustment button forwards and backwards

    for electrode welding:

    • Hot start electricity (for safe ignition)
    • Hot start time (for sure ignition)
    • Arc Force control (for arc stability)

    for TIG welding:

    • Pre-gas
    • starting current
    • Current rise time
    • Welding current I1
    • Welding current I2 (second current)
    • Pulse frequency DC
    • Ratio of high current to low current
    • Stromababstiegszeit
    • End current
    • Post-gas

    additionally only selectable for AC / DC systems:

    • AC frequency
    • AC balance


    • TIG
    • welding electrodes

    sheet thicknesses   

    • TIG from approx. 0.5 mm
    • Electrodes from approx. 2 mm

    Base metals   

    • unalloyed, low-alloyed materials
    • high alloyed materials
    • Stainless steels
    • CrNi steels ferritic / austenitic
    • Duplex steels
    • Nickel-based materials
    • Copper materials
    • Aluminum

    Typical applications

    • Plant, container, machine, steel construction
    • Repair / Repair
    • Industrial plant and pipeline construction
    • Construction site and installation

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