OPTIturn TU 1503V

  • OPTIturn TU 1503V

    Convincing arguments: quality, efficiency and price
    · DC motor
    · Ribbed prism bed made of grey cast iron, inductively hardened
    and ground
    · Hardened and ground bed guideways
    · Guaranteed true running accuracy of the spindle nose better
    than 0.015 mm
    · True running accuracy - Lathe chuck max 0.05 mm
    · With leading spindle for threading or automatic longitudinal
    · With longitudinal slide, cross slide and top slide
    · Automatic longitudinal/leading spindle drive
    · Right-/left-handed rotation switchable on
    · Drill chuck protection with micro switch the control panel
    · Handwheels with adjustable precision scaling of 0.04/0.01 mm
    · Double tool holder
    · All guideways adjustable via V-ledges free of play
    · Comprehensive accessory
    · Emergency stop push button
    · Low power electronics
    · EMC filter, class B (used in households)

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