KOMBI series

  • KOMBI series

    KOMBI model range for MIG/MAG, TIG and electrode welding
    Light and robust multifunctional inverters, ideal for use on the construction site

    Hot-start function

    • Ignition aid for igniting the arc on a stick electrode for electrod welding. An automatic,short-term increase in the welding current ensures immediate stable ignition of the arc 

    Arc force control

    • The welding output in electrode welding is kept as constant as possible at the preset value.The arc is stable (even with difficult electrodes or positions). Benefits: the welding results are more uniform.

    Anti-stick function

    • If the electrode inadvertently sticks on the workpiece, the welding current is switched off. The electrode does not anneal and can be easily removed from the workpiece.

    Pulse welding in TIG mode with pulse box

    • Weld faults at the start and end of the weld, e.g., in pipe welding, are avoiding by pulsing.

    MIG welding without a cylinder (KOMBI 170 ED)

    • The KOMBI 170 ED extends the field of application through the ability to use flux core wires. This makes MIG welding possible, e.g., on construction sites without a gas cylinder, a major mobility benefit.

    Lift-Arc ignition
    (KOMBI 170 ED, KOMBI 270, KOMBI 350)

    • Scratch start ignition in TIG welding with minimal current. The preset welding current is not released until the arc has ignited. The benefit is easy ignition without the tungsten tip sticking on the workpiece, and thus a stable arc.

    Configurable electronic choke
    (KOMBI 170, KOMBI 270, KOMBI 350)

    • For optimum adaptation of the arc, from hard to soft, to meet requirements

    4-roll feed
    (KOMBI 270, KOMBI 350)

    • For precise wire feeding, also perfect for  aluminium wires

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