• EASY-TIG 200 HF

    SCHWEIßKRAFT EASY-TIG 200 HF – the portable DC-TIG inverter
    with HF ignition and 200 A from a 230 Volt

    • The EASY-TIG 200 HF is an absolutely reliable, and proven TIG system that impresses with excellent value for money and ease of use.
    • With its compact design and low weight, this system is perfect for use on the construction site and on the road.

    Settings and operation -
    really could not be easier:

    • After setting the current output to match the material type and material thickness, the TIG system automatically configures all other TIG parameters
    • You only need to customise the current reduction time (0 - 5 seconds)
    • Torch function selection: 2-cycle or 4-cycle
    • Method selection: TIG or electrode
    • Pulse function selection:

    without pulse or long pulse (0.5 - 2 Hz)
    or fast pulse (50 - 200 Hz)

    • Welding current setting:

    (10 - 200 A for TIG)

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