HIGH-TIG / HIGH-TIG PLUS – Ultra-compact high performance TIG inverter with state-of-art
    design and revolutionary control solution. TIG welding has never been so simple or safe!

    • High-performance primary inverter technology
    • State-of-the-art engineering guarantees perfect tacking and welding
    • Totally easy to control thanks to unique,graphical, dynamic, high-res display
    • Built for the daily grind: device survives drops from a height of up to 90 cm
    • Dust-protected electronics: cooling air ducting in special channel for optimal cooling and protection of the electronics against soiling
    • The lightest TIG welding system in its performance class with a weight of just 7.1 to 7.9 kg
    • Huge feature scope included as standard
    • Up to 230 Ampere from 230 Volt

    All 230 A systems …

    • prepare for quick connection of a liquidcooling system
    • work with PFC, thus enabling use on any type of power generator and global deployment thanks to multiple voltage
    • work safely with mains voltages of 100 to 250 V

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