SYN-MIG i series

  • SYN-MIG i series

    SYN-MIG 160i – Portable MAG inverter 230 V, continuously adjustable for mobile welding of steel up to 4 mm
    SYN-MIG 250i/300i – mobile MIG/MAG inverter – continuously adjustable and universally deployable
    workshop machine for steel, stainless steel
    and aluminium

    • The SYN-MIG 160i is the ideal combination of state-of-the-art inverter technology with simple and conventional operation
    • Using only 2 buttons (potentiometers) the operation point is continuously set via the voltage and wire speed, and you can get started with welding
    • Reliable ignition and a stable arc then ensure best possible welding results
    • Small, handy and rugged; this means that the device can be used in mobile applications wherever you need it, and also outdoors without any worries thanks to IP degree of protection 23
    • And, if needed, even completely without gas and a gas cylinder using the right filler
    • Thus change one polarity in the housing, replace the wire feeder reel and wire, and you can weld with filler without gas
    • This makes the SYN-MIG 160i a welding device with no frills, but with a great price/performance ratio
    • The SYN-MIGs 250i + 300i rely on state-ofthe-art inverter technology and conventional controls


    • Using 2 potentiometers, the operation point

    is continuously set via the voltage and
    wire speed, and the welding current can be
    adjusted with one-ampere precision during

    • The systems have the following properties or

    equipment as standard:

    • 2-cycle/4-cycle and spot control
    • Gas test function
    • Operation indicator
    • Overload indicator
    • Temperature controlled fan

    Special features:

    • A continuous choke setting allows the user to influence the weld form and arc intensity
    • Thanks to the voltage and amperage display,these data are then available, e.g., for documentation
    • The wider chassis allows for highly stable working conditions, even with a 20l gas cylinder

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